This is a short post.  It revolves around a concept I have delved into before, but read an interesting angle on this yesterday.  There are two types of landfills in this world.  The first is the officially recognized ones where everything that is thrown away is piled up and left to decompose (eventually).  The other is the modern American garage and basement that has all of the evidence of the temporary desires that have afflicted a family over time. 

Driving down the road yesterday, it was interesting to see the open garages over stuffed with the plastics, the textiles and the toys that forced the late model car to sit exposed on the driveway outside.  Remembering the analogy of mini landfills made me smile and realize that the desires and immediate gratification syndrome has spilled out of these landfills, yet, instead of stopping the flow or reducing the saving of EVERY item ever mistakenly purchased, most of these types think they 'need more space'.  Unfortunately, some will increase the size of their landfill and continue to over stuff it again with useless (after the initial 'wow' factor wears away) stuff.