Not a paint by numbers kinda thing...

House plan books.  Cookie Cutter housing Developments.  Prefabricated modular homes.  These are all pretty common ways for people to obtain new housing.  Major national corporations are in the business of providing low cost, low quality (in most cases) housing that meets the metrics of cost, square footage and the all-important bedroom/bathroom combo.  They have formulas for what is the optimal to have to spend to create a 'home'.  These metrics are generated by a principle of economies of scale.  And for running a business, this is what capitalism is about. 

Unfortunately, the 'product' they deliver is supposed to be someone's actual living space.  The place they sleep, eat, have sex, watch tv, laugh, cry, raise children, have pets, in other words, where life happens.  And from what I have learned, how you and I choose to live our life is never the same.  We have similarities due to our culture and our general physical makeup, but our differences define our lives. 

So when the factory house meets the individual, we get a clash that is not good for either one.  The stock house may have a beautiful window, but due to it being generically placed for efficiency, it looks directly at the neighbor 8 feet away.    It may have a perfect count of bedrooms and bathrooms, but may overlook that your teenage son CAN NOT share a bathroom with his 12 year old sister. 

Instead, there may be an easier way.  The key here is to remember that we are just moving boxes around.  98% of rooms in our lives are 6 sided boxes.  Go ahead, think about it.  They all have windows, doors and other objects in them, and they come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have 4 walls, a ceiling and a floor.  And there are limitless combinations of how these boxes can be organized.  Some are standard.  Some are more personalized.  Depending upon what you want your life to be like, you need to decide (or communicate with your architect) what your patterns, priorities and relationships are. 

The key is for you to communicate what you want those patterns, priorities and relationships you desire.  Architects are not mind readers.  We draw.  We can be creative, but like every other human being, we have our preferred patterns, priorities and relationships that we think are ideal.  They WILL be different from yours sometimes.  You must remember that an architect is designing a home for you, not them. 

So when you are in the design process and you don't like the relationship of the boxes, it is your job to communicate that.  It is the architect's job to take that information and solve that problem.  You are not hurting their feelings, you are helping to make your home yours!