A New Adventure...

Sometimes, life works in funny ways.  When I got into the business of architecture, one of my first projects was a mid-century Deck House in Carlisle MA.  I had always thought houses were meant to be walls, rooms and boxy.  Your choice was between a ranch, a colonial and, if you were way out on the edge of design, a craftsman.  But this house took me into a whole new world.  Open concept, huge expanses of glass, exposed timbers and a building set into the land the way it should be.  Quietly, I became enamored.

The years went by, life changed in many ways.  Then one day, my partner showed me a real estate listing for a Deck House in Carlisle.  She liked it, I liked it, so we went to the open house.  Getting there 10 minutes early (thanks mom for that habit!), the whole team fell in love.  We frantically figured out what needed to do and had an accepted offer by the time we laid our heads down.

Fast forward a couple of months and we are in!  In a place that inspired(s) my design style.  In a place that has land and the building is sited properly.  In a place that is still small by american standards, but huge by this architect's comfort level.  And we are happy. 

To share this experience, this blog may veer off path for a little while, but in the end, what really happened was that the architect in this case, put his money where his mouth is. And hopefully, expand on the concepts and ins and outs of a good building through this real life example.